BCM® MK@ Recoil Mitigation System


When correctly installed and tuned, the patented* BCM MK2 RMS reduces felt recoil without affecting reliability. The Mk2 RMS smooths out buffer displacement with a BCM hard coat anodized 7075T6 aluminum buffer and the use of an M16A4 rifle spring in an rifle length buffer tube. In action, this consistency means more rounds on target faster than a system equipped with the legacy M4 option.


Variance in barrel length, ammunition, and use with/without suppressor will effect the optimal buffer weight employed on an end-user’s platform. BCM recommends heavier buffer weights for short barreled and suppressed platforms, starting with the T0 buffer weight and increasing to T1, or more as needed based on performance.

*BCM US Patent #10415907
NOTE: The extended MK2 RMS receiver extension will not allow some Mil-Spec stocks to completely collapse when closed down for storage and transport.

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