BCM® Low Profie Gas Block


Manufactured to the mil-spec with very tight tolerances on all internal dimensions, the BCM Low Profile Gas Block is machined out of solid steel with bore internal dimensions honed after finish, per the USGI (U.S. Government Issue) TDP (Technical Data Package) for .625 and .750 barrels. Mounted via steel set screws with texturing on the base to prevent back out, the gas block is built for AR15 pattern rifles to include the M4, M4A1, and M16 series of long guns.


To best accommodate modern electro optics, red dot and low powered variable optic sighting systems, recce type systems have become standardized over legacy “hard” front sights distinctive to the M16 and M4 of the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. The BCM Low Profile Gas Block is a durable and proven component, delivering the correct gas flow to a pistol, carbine, mid, or rifle length AR-15 gas system consistently, keeping the platform up and in battery when the end user is on the range or in harm’s way.

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