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Imediate Action

Driven by over a decade of feedback from real-world combat operations, BCM has made continual design refinements and structural improvements to the charging handle in the M4 and M16 to address the current manual of arms for the weapon system.

Optimizing the contours into a snag-free profile that facilitates immediate manipulation with an end user's reaction side grip, the range of BCM Charging Handles is available with both ambidextrous and asymmetric controls as well as a size range accommodate different end- users handsize.

Imediate Action

MK2 Receiver Optimized

The U.S. patents pending BCM Mod 3 Charging Handle now features upper and lower exhaust channels to vent gas from upper, away from the shooter, during operation of the weapon. While these channels are optimized for the BCM MK2 Upper receiver, they still provide improved gas diversion on all Mil-Spec upper receivers.

Life Saving Tools

Redesigned to eliminate the load on the pivot pin and keep the energy from charging close to the centerline of the carbine/rifle, BCM Mk 2 Charging Handles provides an uninterrupted engagement surface with no pinch points to catch skin or other material that could induce a malfunction during a time-is-life manipulation.


All BCM components and accessories unite state of the art manufacturing with lightweight and durable materials to ensure components that last a lifetime, performing far beyond performance requirements established nearly six decades ago.

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