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Pat Rogers Travis Haley. John Chapman. Pat McNamara. Mike Glover. Kyle Defoor.
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American Gunfighter. A BCM Original Series. Pat Rogers
American Gunfighter is a new series of short films, produced by BCM, about the leading instructors offering tactics and marksmanship to American citizens, military and law enforcement today. Each episode of American Gunfighter features a instructor from the BCM Gunfighter program or a unit they have trained, and shares how their stories of what they do and why they do it. Click here to stream the series for free! The BCM Gunfighters Program brings together industry - leading military and weapons manipulation instructors to design, utilize and continually improve the BCMGunfighter line of Carbines and AR-15 Accessories. BCM is proud and honored that these men, who we call family, use, recommend, and support our mission to produce Mil-Spec quality product with no shortcuts, cost be damned.