Certificate Restrictions

· Haley Strategic Partners trains military, law enforcement, and responsible armed civilians. You must have one of the following; Military ID (includes DoD Contractors), Law Enforcement ID, or a valid firearms license(from any state).

· ITAR's prohibits the training of any foreign nationals.

· Certificate can only be redeemed within 2 years from date of purchase.

· Certificate can only be redeemed by the original purchaser of the carbine. (save your invoice)

· Certificate is non-transferable.

· You must email in a copy of your certificate and invoice upon registering with Haley Strategic Partners to train@haleystrategic.com.

· You must bring inthe originalcertificate and the original invoice to class.

· You will receive credit after class completion.

· Haley Strategic Partners reserves the right to refuse training to individuals without cause.

· This offer may be withdrawn at anytime.

· This certificate is not a guarantee of training, or a discounted price.

· Certificate is not refundable. Certificate has no cash value.