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Hold On.
BCM® KeyMod™ Rail Panels are ultra-slim surfaces with aggressive non-slip and non-reflective texturing. Ventilated for cooling, each panel is radiused to create a continuous "tube" surface when run on an octagonal profile handguard such as the BCM® KMR.
Under the Hood.
Made in the U.S.A. of a high-strength polymer material, BCM® KeyMod™ Rail Panels are designed to fit ALL KeyMod™ mounting surfaces with seven (7) consecutive KeyMod™ slots. However, the panels can also be cut to any length, as needed by an end user. Finally, he panels are bi-directional with locking tabs on either end.

Measurements: Length 5.550"    Width 0.625"    Thickness 0.100"   

Full Spectrum.
Each Kit contains five (5) matching color KeyMod™ Panels, and are available in Black, Flat Dark Earth, Wolf Grey and Foliage Green.